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Support our Emergency Shelter

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Emergency Shelter

Everyone is welcome.

Interfaith Sanctuary was founded on the belief that everyone deserves to be cared for, no matter who you are, how you pray, where you come from or who you love. Since our founding in 2005 we have provided a safe place to sleep and a warm meal 365 days a year for 164 guests each night. With time and experience we have learned from our guests how to serve them in the most meaningful ways possible. It is not just about a roof over their heads. It is about connection, safety, support and compassion.

If sheltering our homeless matters most to you, become a recurring shelter donor and your monthly gift will go directly to covering the cost of a night’s stay at Interfaith. Our cost to provide each guest a safe place to sleep, a warm meal, hospitality, case management and support is $18 per person.

Below is a breakdown of nightly and multi-night costs for sheltering individuals and families.

  • One guest for 1 night $18 monthly
  • One guest for a weekend is $36
  • One family of four for one night $72
  • One guest for 1 week $126 monthly
  • One guest for 1 month $540 monthly