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Mental, physical and emotional health including addiction recovery programming

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Project Well-Being

Interfaith Sanctuary Shelter's Project Well-Being is a program designed first to bring stability then well-being for our guests who have been struggling with untreated mental health issues. We created a safe place for them during the day with programming that supports their spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well being. Programming includes mindful workshops, field trips, life skills, creative writing, yoga, naps, team building and fitness classes.

Our guests are thriving in this program, and some have already found their way back to employment. Others are using this programming to create a new story for themselves. Part of that storytelling has resulted in a guest-produced monthly newspaper, Word on the Street. This publication is aimed at telling their own stories and giving a voice to Boise’s homeless population while at the same time connecting with the greater Boise community.

Project Recovery
We will soon be adding a new program under our PWB umbrella called Project Recovery. This program will focus on helping our guests who are struggling with not just mental health issues but also substance abuse. We are partnering with Recovery 4 Life, an Addiction Treatment Center here in Boise that specializes in helping adults who struggle with these issues.

Guests seeking recovery will be moved into the intensive programming that will live at our shelter. Recovery 4 Life will provide nine hours of group and one-on-one counseling that will blend into our Project Well-Being programming. All participants will have a safe place to be seven days a week to help eliminate the trauma of the streets and support them on their road to recovery.

You can help us with PWB by becoming a recurring donor and helping us support these brave guests who are choosing to find health and wellbeing!